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Meet TAF
Meet TAF

Mustapha Njie (TAF) is a pan- African entrepreneur and philanthropist from The Gambia. He is the Group Chief Executive Officer of TAF AFRICA GLOBAL LIMITED and President TAF Africa Foundation. Mustapha was born on the 5th of February 1957 in Banjul, The Gambia. He is a trained Construction Engineer with Diploma in Site Management. TAF was amongst the pioneers of modern Gambian construction. Prior to setting up his own Construction Company in 1990, he had worked with a number of top-tier International Construction companies for over 13 years. He has over 45 plus years of hands-on experience across all levels of the construction industry.

''My passion to give back to the communities that have given a lot to our organization over the past 30 years plus and making a difference in the lives of people especially the youth, differently abled and the entrepreneurial society has made me established the TAF Africa Foundation. This is aimed at contributing my quarter towards the socio-economic advancement of the disadvantaged society and my country. At this stage of my life, I want to render my skills, experience and expertise to harness the potentials and talents of young people and help foster meaningful growth to the lives of people. I feel fulfilled doing what I can for my continent! #GambiaDaafademDiyaakuya'' Mustapha Njie 

TAF contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs

Goal 1

No Poverty 

  • Provides employment to over 2,000 people across the construction/golf estate development value chain which financially empowered them and pulled them out of poverty.


  • Provided access to economic resources to community partners and contractors such that some of them became land and home owners within and outside the RIVTAF Golf Estate.

Goal 9

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

  • TULIP Gardens: Created access roads from main highways to our developments


  • Installed Electricity and Water infrastructure in all our developments

  • Created community park, shopping mall and playground for children at RIVTAF Golf Estate

Goal 4

Quality Education

  • TAF/ITC Masonry Apprenticeship: 25 Young Men and Women trained to be professional Masons for a period of 18 months. 


  • TAF Leadership Academy: In 2020/21 300 University Students were enrolled in the Academy for a period of 12 months consisting of 12 sessions with 12 motivational speakers.The first cohort were 50 in number. This number has increased to 300 in the current year.


Goal 11

Sustainable Cities and Communities

  • Company Vision is to deliver 1 million affordable homes by 2038.

  • RIVTAF GOLF ESTATE: Upgraded a swampy slum to an Estate thereby providing adequate and safe housing and basic services to clients.

  •  The Estate provides universal access to safe, inclusive and accessible, green and public spaces as over 30% of the total land area is reserved as green and public spaces.

Goal 7

Affordable and Clean Energy  

  • TAF Africa Global uses solar street lights in all their new Estates. Dalaba estate in Jabang is the first of that kind with over 100 street lights on the 20 hectares land. GIETAF SEZ, Tulip Estate, TAF City and TAF Twin Towels will all be equipped with solar street lights.

  • LED energy saving lights are used within our residential development designs. In Dalaba Estate, the 196 houses were all equipped with an average of 10 LED lights each.

Goal 13

Climate Action

  • Our Estate evidences a deliberate attempt to reverse the impact of climate change as we have many trees planted within the Estate aside from the huge expanse of land measuring over 30% of the total Estate which we have developed into green areas including a golf course.

  • We have solar lights installed across the Estate and our shopping mall.

Goal 8

Decent Word & Economic Growth

  • The RIVTAF Golf Estate is a partnership with the Government of Rivers State who provided the land and certain other support for the project.

  • We partnered with some financial institutions including Access Bank Plc through which we mobilized additional financial resources.

Goal 17

Partnership for the Goals

  • The RIVTAF Golf Estate is a partnership with the Government of Rivers State who provided the land and certain other support for the project.

  • We partnered with some financial institutions including Access Bank Plc through which we mobilized additional financial resources.

  • We partnered with several institutions including community focused NGOs such as PIND (Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta) for targeted empowerment and capacity development of Niger Delta youths.

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TAF Africa Global and UN-Habitat have signed an MOU to partner in TAF's vision to deliver one (1) million homes in Africa through affordable housing solutions, innovative financing, support housing policies, and new city development


Shelter Afrique and TAF Africa Global MoU is to collaborate over Co-Financing Affordable Housing Projects, Capacity Building and Professional Development under the Centre of Excellence and the joint Mobilisation of Financial Resources.

TAF Nigeria Homes Limited in partnership with the Government of Rivers State, through a special purpose vehicle incorporated as RIVTAF Nigeria Limited, developed a middle to a high-income housing estate in Port Harcourt known as RIVTAF Golf Estate. 

TAF Africa Foundation with partners of the EU-funded Jobs, Skills & Finance project (JSF), ITC, and UNCDF to provide an apprenticeship package for young Gambians across the country to learn professional masonry skills.

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